Pierogi recipe

Pierogi recipe



this in fact looks POLISH. 🙂 but allow me make a suggestion – consider to use scorching water with a bit of melted butter (just pour it into the flour and mix with a knife, add the eggs and knead)

This dough is great. I utilised a potato filling so I employed the potato water in the dough.

I made just as the recipe directed. This dish is a keeper, I utilized the ricotta.

This dough is great, although I did use about half a cup of water. I allow the dough rest on my counter (wrapped) for an hour & it rolled beautifully. I know farmers cheese is conventional, but all I had on hand was added sharp white cheddar, which I mixed into mashed potatoes with a bit of grated onion. This was my initial try at generating home produced pierogies, however I was practically raised on the frozen ones. I strategy to make these frequently & experiment with different fillings! Also, I fried some & left some plain. The two approaches are fantastic!

a pasta machine tends to make this more quickly. My auntie who taught me filled these with mashed potatoes cheddar cheese onions & plenty of pepper (I use sriracha sauce) She also. filled these with mushrooms or for dessert a fruit At times to cheat I use canned pie filling. To serve as a dessert leading with sweetened sour cream. Numerous recipes say just to boil (yech). You really do require to fry them up as this recipe says. I just use an empty can to lower the pierogie I have witnessed pierogie makers on the industry, although I do not personal one particular

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