Pumpkin soup recipe

Pumpkin soup recipe

This is a traditional, easy pumpkin soup created with fresh pumpkin that is really quick to make. Thick, creamy and full of flavour, this is THE pumpkin soup recipe you will make above and over once more!

Don’t neglect the sizzling buttered crusty bread for dunking!

A pumpkin soup you’ll make once more and again…

On cooler days, there’s nothing far better than dunking crusty bread into a huge bowl of creamy pumpkin soup. And there are millions and millions of recipes “out there”, so why would you cons >

Properly, here’s the thing. There are a lot of fancied up versions of pumpkin soup “out there”. Gourmet substances, spices, exotic spins.

But you don’t need to have all people frills to make a really wonderful traditional pumpkin soup. And that’s what this recipe is – a fantastic Effortless Pumpkin Soup recipe, a traditional version that has almost everything it wants and practically nothing it doesn’t to be can’t-stop-consuming-it scrumptious.

What goes in Pumpkin Soup

To make this wonderful quick and effortless pumpkin soup, you will need to have:

If you don’t have cream but want extra richness in your soup, just add a touch of butter!

Ideal pumpkin for pumpkin soup

Use any type of pumpkin you want OR butternut squash (which is named butternut pumpkin in Australia).

Frequent varieties of pumpkin in Australia that are excellent for pumpkin soup with consist of: Jap/Kent, Jarradale, Queensland Blue or Butternut Squash. In the US, use any of the pumpkins generically offered as “sugar pumpkins” or “pie pumpkins” – or butternut squash.

DO NOT use Halloween carving pumpkin used to make Jack-O-Laterns. Even though they are edible, they are not that tasty!

How to make pumpkin soup

You’re just 4 simple actions away from this easy pumpkin soup which is so dreamy thick and creamy!

  1. Location peeled pumpkin, onion, garlic, broth and water into a pot
  2. Boil rapidly for 15 minutes until finally pumpkin is very tender
  3. Use a stick blender or transfer to blender to blitz smooth and
  4. Alter salt and pepper to taste, then include either milk OR cream – whichever you choose.

The secret substances in this pumpkin soup are the garlic and onion. It can make all the big difference to add further savouriness!

4 actions. A bit of chopping, plonk it all in a pot, blitz, season then serve.

And this is what you end up with – a thick and creamy pumpkin soup that’s total of flavour. Sweet pumpkin flavour, savouriness from the broth, garlic and onion.

You’ll be mopping up every final bit of this with your bread!! – Nagi x

PS If you’re not a fan of chopping pumpkin, try out my No Chop Roasted Butternut Soup. It’s so crazy good!

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