Slow cooker lasagna

Slow cooker lasagna



Cooked this last night, subbing 29 oz. canned tomatoes for sauce. The lasagna was so delightful. I was surprised at the good taste and the ease of this dish.

What size crockpot do you advocate for this recipe?

manufactured as reciept mentioned next time will use crushed tomatoes instead offers much better flavor

Made this right now and utilised jarred spaghetti sauce, ricotta, and the cottage cheese. It turned out really tasty, even though not the excellent squares that lasagna in a pan provides you. A lot quicker to place together. I did rim the slow cooker with aluminum foil to maintain the edges from drying out as other individuals advised and it worked out fine.

I took this in for a work luncheon and everybody actually enjoyed it. I did use half ricotta and half cottage cheese for the cheese mix. I constantly make that combo when creating lasagna. It’s some thing my mom often did growing up and I truly feel helps make a big various with the taste

always a hit. I like to make a double batch and use half ricotta and half cottage cheese. My husband like me to add ground italian sausage in.

Lasagna manufactured with cottage cheese?? Disgusting. Lasagna is produced with Ricotta cheese.

So excellent. Really like that this can be cooked in the crock-pot. Include a salad and some garlic bread and supper is ready!

I have been creating this for years. It is constantly a hit. I make it for pot luck dinners also and I never have left overs. I use standard Lasagna noodles even though rather of the no cook lasagna and it turns out great. It truly is so effortless and frees up my day to get other items accomplished. Everyone factors I function for hours in excess of producing it. The left overs freeze wonderful. I was pleasantly surprises at that.

Excellent recipe and easy to place collectively. Like others, I utilised Italian sausage rather of beef (taste preference), otherwise created as is. Thank you!